Studying Abroad Report- My experience in Germany

"At first when I came to Germany, I was a representative of my home country but now I will represent Germany as best as I can do. I feel so lucky about my exchange in Germany. I know that was a turning point in my life. I got incomparable opportunities  which have changed all my … Continue reading Studying Abroad Report- My experience in Germany

Sightseeing in Paris

A trip to Paris is always a good idea. If you should decide to visit the „city of love“ there are a few sights you just can’t miss. Depending on what you want to see you will need more or less time. If you want to see all the presented sights below (or even more) you should at least stay for three days or longer. Even though the subway system called „Metro“ gets you nearly anywhere within a few minutes waiting lines for the most popular sights are sometimes very long.