Shopping Mall: Centro Oberhausen

Centro Oberhausen

Once you have settled down in your new environment and are ready to explore the cities around Duisburg, I would recommend a trip to the Centro in Oberhausen-Sterkrade, which is a huge shopping mall with 170 shops mainly for young adults. The opening times are Monday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Every Friday the opening times are until 9:00 pm.

The journey to the Centro is fortunately very easy and short. You get on the train at Duisburg main station and get out of the train approximately seven minutes and one stop later at Oberhausen main station. Here you can take several buses or trams to “Neue Mitte”, which is the stop for Centro:

  • Bus SB90 to Holten Markt
  • Bus SB91 to Buer Rathaus
  • Bus SB98 to Fröbelplatz
  • Bus 960 to Holten Bahnhof
  • Tram STR 112 to Neumarkt

The ride takes five minutes and you arrive at Neue Mitte at the third stop with every bus or tram.

After arriving at Centro, there are many shops you can go to, a full list of the 170 shops at Centro is available on their web page:

At Centro you will find only a few high priced stores but rather affordable clothes for young adults. There are popular stores like H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Mac, Mango, but also high priced stores like Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and an Apple store. If you are a sneaker type of person you will also find several opportunities to buy some cool sneakers, because most of the shoe stores at Centro sell sneakers. Apart from that all kinds of stores are located at Centro, for example perfumeries, jewelry shops and even a bookstore.

If you spend your whole day at Centro and get hungry, just walk over to the Coca-Cola-Oase. Over there you can find all sorts of restaurants from classic McDonald’s (no matter where you are there is always a McDonald’s around in Germany), Italian pasta and pizza, Turkish doner kebab, German Currywurst or Asian Noodles. Newly a smoothie bar was added to the restaurant list.


At the time I took the picture of the Coca-Cola-Oase it was going through some construction works. It does not normally look this uninviting and unloving. Usually it has a sort of Mediterranean Vibe.  The construction work is supposed to be finished before Christmas 2018 and will present the Coca-Cola-Oase with a new and modern look and even a new name. Recently the Centro experienced a lot of reconstruction and provides now free Wi-Fi and seating accommodations with charging stations for cell phones. Currently a lot of new shops are preparing to open in autumn. For Example TK Maxx, which offers designer labels for a reduced price, will open in autumn 2018.

In case you are wondering when to visit the Centro, I strongly recommend during the week. At weekends it is often way too crowded and you cannot walk without bumping into someone else every now and then. I took the pictures on a sunny Wednesday, which made it quite nice to stroll through the Centro as it is air-conditioned. But even in the winter season a trip to the Centro is worthwhile. The entire Centro gets decorated for Christmas during the Advent season with a huge Christmas tree, plenty chains of light and oversized stars hanging down from the ceiling.

If you want to experience a Christmas market in Germany with a lot of hot wine punches and some crepes you will find a Christmas market right in front of the Centro. It is cosy and has some cute booths.

When you still got some money left after shopping at the Centro or if you just want to spent your evening in a bar drinking cocktails or beer you can take a short walk to the promenade at the Centro. You will find several restaurants and bars lined up, with different specialities in drinks and food. There are also sports bars where you can watch soccer matches that are not broadcasted on TV.

Besides from the promenade the Centro is surrounded by more attractions. There is a large Cinema at one end of the promenade (CineStar, which does not show any English movies) and an event hall at the other end of the promenade (König-Pilsener-Arena), where sometimes famous singers perform, like Jason Derulo or Elton John, or for instance Star Wars and Disney in concert. But Cirque du Soleil performs in that hall as well. Currently a couple of meters further the musical Tarzan is performed until September 2018 at Stage Metronom Theater. Furthermore LEGOLAND Discovery, Sea Life and Aquapark Oberhausen (a swimming pool with water slides) are located next to the Centro.

Summing up, I warmly recommend a trip to the Centro. Even if you do not want to buy anything and just stroll around your new environment, it is worth coming all the way to the Centro with all the attractions happening there.

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