Restaurants and Bars in Duisburg

In Duisburg, near the university, there are a lot of opportunities for students to visit restaurants and bars. These locations are perfect spots to get to know new people/students, to drink good cold German beer and to eat good food. In the following, I will introduce some popular places. I will start with 2 bars close to the university and after that I will present you some restaurants.


`Fährmann` is a small pub in walking distance from the university (only a few minutes). It offers different drinks and snacks but you can play some dart and table soccer as well. The biggest advantage of `Fährmann` is the cheap price of drinks and snacks. This makes the pub to a very popular place for students. The pub opens at 6 pm and closes around midnight. `Fährmann` is located at Mülheimer Straße 180, Duisburg.



Another very popular bar is `Finkenkrug`. The bar is located near university as well. Like `Fährmann` most of the costumers are students. The difference between these two bars is that `Finkenkrug` is more expensive than the other bar, but just a little bit. Nevertheless has `Finkenkrug` a huge variety of different beers and more choices of tasty food. In my opinion it is hard to decide which of the two bars is best. Therefore, I would suggest to try out both.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday
12:00 noon – ca. 01:00 am

12:00 noon – ca. 03:00 am

17:00 pm – ca. 03:00 am

11:00 am – ca. 01:00 am

The address is Sternbuschweg 71, Duisburg.



The `Innenhafen`, which means `Inner Harbor`, in Duisburg, is connected with the river Rhine. It has become a lively dining-scene. In addition to more than 15 restaurants and clubs, there are also owner-run bars and franchises. The `Innenhafen´ is about 15 minutes away from the central station Duisburg. You can take the bus 934 from the central station to the station `Betriebshof am Unkelstein` (9 min) and then you have to walk 6 minutes to the harbor.

Now I will present you 2 of the most popular restaurants at the `Innenhafen`.



`Vapiano` is a very nice place to eat, drink and just spent some time with your friends. In addition to that the atmosphere is relaxed and if the weather is good you can even sit outside in front of the river and enjoy the wonderful view. `Vapiano` offers a lot of different Italian food. You can get antipasti, salads, pasta or pizza. I really recommend the Italian pizza! A pizza costs about 7-9€ and pasta 7-8€. You can find the restaurant at the address Schifferstraße 196, Duisburg.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday
11:00 am – ca. 23:00 pm

Friday – Saturday
11:00 am – ca. 01:00 am

12:00 noon – ca. 23:00 pm



Mongo´s is a very good restaurant that offers delicious Mongolian barbecue and Asian food. Very popular is the Mongolian buffet, called Mongo´s Food Market. There you can choose from a varied offer of different food like 30 different vegetables and mushrooms, pork, beef or crocodile meat and a lot more. The All-Inclusive-Buffet costs about 25€. The restaurant´s address is Philosophenweg 17-18, Duisburg.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday
17:00 pm – midnight

Friday – Saturday
16:00 pm – ca. 01:00 am

11:30 am – midnight


Written by Daniel Dambakk Groß



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