How to use the NRW-Ticket

Maybe you already know, that Germany is divided into 16 states and probably you took the best choice studying in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the state with the most inhabitants (around 18 Million) and a lot of diversity and variety. Twenty-nine of the seventy-nine metropolises of Germany are in North Rhine-Westphalia and are perfectly connected by train (Examples are listed below).

With your NRW-Ticket you´re allowed, using every public service vehicle like busses, subways, interurban-trains and trams in all cities in NRW! It´s also possible to take trains beginning with the letters RE or RB, followed by a number like for example the RE1 or RB48 (a list of all RE´s and RB´s is listed below). These trains are much faster than the usual urban railways and connect the different cities and areas in North Rhine-Westphalia.

BEST Students

Please note that you don’t have a NRW-Ticket like the regular (exchange) students. However, you can purchase your NRW-Ticket either at the ticket machines or Deutsche Bahn counter. A one-day pass is available for 44 Euros a day and valid for 5 students!!! It is called “Schöner Tag NRW-Ticket”. The price is very reasonable if you travel in small groups, e.g. to Cologne. 


In the RB´s, RE´s and the interurban-trains (beginning with an S) you´re just allowed using the 2nd class. The 1st class is marked and you will notice when you get into the wagons because usually they´re very empty and separated through doors.
In all public transports you´re engaged to carry your NRW-Ticket with you and sometimes you will be controlled by ticket inspectors. Usually, when they´ve got a good day, they´re nice and helpful.

From Monday to Friday from 7 pm to 3 am another person can drive with you on your NRW-Ticket, on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) the whole day. But it´s just allowed when you´re traveling inside the VRR area (see VRR/VRS Map below)!

Trains starting from Duisburg Hbf (Main Station):

– to Düsseldorf (Capital of NRW) in around 20- 30 minutes
– to Dortmund (historical industrial city) in around 35 minutes
– to Essen (brother city of Duisburg) in around 20 minutes
– to Cologne (secret capital of NRW) in around 45 – 60 minutes
– to Bonn (old Capital of Germany) in around 90 minutes
– to Aachen (beautiful historical City at the border to Holland) in around 120 minutes

RE´s, RB´s and S:

RE: RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE5, RE6, RE7, RE8, RE10, RE11, RE13, RE14, RE16, RE17, RE19, RE42, RE57
RB: RB27, RB31, RB32, RB33, RB34, RB35, RB36, RB37, RB38, RB40, RB43, RB44, RB45, RB46, RB48, RB50, RB51, RB52, RB53, RB59, RB91

S: S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S11, S28, S68


NRW Map:

Official Railway Side:

!Please note: you can´t use ICE´s, IC´s!



Written by Gerrit Dirks

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