Duisburg Marxloh

The district Marxloh is deemed to be a little bit ill-reputed. In some areas it´s legitimate but definitely not in the Weseler Straße! To tell the truth, the district is not the Highlight of Duisburg but if you´re living anyway in the City, it´s interesting to visit this street one or two times.

The street is the place to be in Germany, when you´re looking for wedding dresses in all variations. Most of the Boutiques belong to Turkish families and offer eye-catching and fancy dresses. Even if you don´t want to marry in your five weeks stay in Germany, it´s really interesting to see all the different Stores in the Street.


Also culinary the Weseler Straße has to offer a lot. Different, especially Turkish Restaurants, are established in the street. Just follow the fantastic smell to the nearest Kebab store and you wouldn´t be disappointed.

I would recommend not to walk in the middle of the night through every street in Marxloh, but when you´re going at day for a nice walk, it´s safe and comfortable.



Written by Gerrit Dirks

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