DB Navigator – An important app for travelling by train

DB Navigator

In the following text I will give you a little overview for the “DB Navigator” app. The app is from the Deutsche Bahn. It is the german train company. An alternative would be “VRR App”.

The start screen:


How to switch the language:

When you open the app you will get to see this window. If your app language is german the option button.


From there you get this view. Press the following button.


Scroll down the screen and press “Englisch” and if a Notification pops-up. Confirm with “Ok”. You have to restart the app for the language settings to take effect.


How to find fares and routes

If you press the “from”-field the right window opens. You can either use “current position” or type in a location like “Duisburg hbf”, “Uni Nord”(Duisburg University). You have to do the same for “to”. When you press the arrows the location “from” and “to” switch places. The gray fields are there to set date and time of your travel. For setting which trains to look for you have to press the field underneath the grey area.



There you can set different options. I would recommend to turn on Regional transport only. That means that you won’t see ICE, Intercity, Eurocity or Interregio. Those are normally very expensive. The most common transportation vehicles are: Regional and local traffic, S-Bahn, Bus, Underground, Tram. Then press “Done”.


In the right view you can see different possible travel, its duration and changes you have to make during the trip. If you want to change the time or look for earlier or later travels, press the button. If you have found a travel you prefer, tap on it and you will get to the next view.


Now you can see your travel with details of the trip. You will find the number of the train and where it is heading. If you tap the down arrow. The screen enlargens and you can see the different stops the vehicle makes during the trip.


Written by Jannik Hassel

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