How to use Taxis in Germany

In addition to public transportation, you can easily reach your destination by taxi. You will not find as many taxis on the streets as in other major cities in the world, but it is still very convenient to use taxis in Germany. Taxi stands are located at all train stations and all airports. Major metro stations also have taxi stands nearby. Taxis in Germany usually wait for new customers at these stands and are not driving around the city without customers. If you are not near a taxi stand, you can always call a taxi company or use the app “mytaxi” to call a taxi. The telephone number of Duisburg’s main taxi company is 0203-333333. Not every taxi company in Germany accepts card payment, so please check in advance. Tips of 10-20% are appropriate but it is not mandatory to tip the taxi driver. Since different cities have different taxi companies and card payment is not always possible, it is more convenient to use the app “mytaxi”. Unfortunately, Uber is not operating in Germany anymore.

You can call a taxi for any location and anytime with “mytaxi” and you can set your destination in advance to get an estimated price for the ride. You can also decide if you want to pay cash or by PayPal. I recommend setting up a mytaxi account although you may not want to use taxis, because it makes it easier for you to get home if you’re lost or feel bad. Here’s a little tutorial how to use mytaxi.


You can sign up using Facebook or email. Afterwards, you need to provide your given name, family name, phone number, email address and a password. If you want news from mytaxi, also tick “Neuigkeiten von mytaxi”. Click “speichern” if you’re ready.


You can ask for a special taxi if you’re travelling in a large group (à Großraumtaxi) or want to go to the airport (à Flughafenfahrt).


You can set the pick-up date and time from now until the next day.

Sofort = now

Heute = today

Morgen = tomorrow


You can choose your payment method and the tip amount here.

Payment options are cash (=Bar) or PayPal.


Here you can see an example trip from Duisburg Lotharstraße (Campus Duisburg) to Düsseldorf Airport. It costs approximately 40 euros and takes about 19 minutes. Pickup-time is now. To call a taxi à “Taxi bestellen”. Then you just wait for the driver to arrive and you can locate your driver in the app.


Written by Tobias Hoffmann





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