How to travel in Europe


During your stay in Duisburg you might want to see some of the most commonly known cities in Germany or its neighboring countries. For example, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin or Brussels are all cities worth visiting. While for some of these places it is easier and cheaper to go by train, others are better reached by plane. But there is another option in Germany for easy and cheap traveling, which becomes more and more popular: Remote buses like Flixbus.


Visiting Cities by Train

In Germany all the large cities are quite well connected by trains. Although taking the train to travel through Germany takes more time than flying, it is often cheaper if booked some weeks in advance. Since the Ruhr Area is very well interconnected it also has a high capacity and many possibilities for long-distance trains including the ICE (Inter-City Express) and IC (Inter-City) as well as the HKX (Hamburg-Köln-Express). If you want to book a train to a city in Germany or in one of its neighboring countries you best have a look at Since the website is also available in English, searching for trains and ultimately booking them is quite straightforward.

You simply enter where and when you would like to start your journey and to which city, station or even concrete address you would like to go:


After executing your search inquiry the Website will provide you with the fastest solutions to reach the city you wish to travel to. The result may look like this:


So if you plan to visit Berlin on 12th of May, you have the possibility to take the ICE or the IC, starting at 11:10, 12:10 or 12:30 (or earlier or later if you indicated that) and arriving at Berlin Main Station at 15:06, 16:09 or 17:02 in this case. The price indicated at the right hand side (Saving fares) is for one person, one way. If you wish to book a flexible ticket in order to be able to cancel your trip in case of illness or other reasons you will have to pay a higher price (“Flexpreis”). Generally, savings fares are preferable because the prices for flexible tickets are mostly twice as high. After booking your ticket you will be able to either print it or receive it in a mobile-friendly version.

By the way, the whole service is also available with the “Deutsche-Bahn”-App for iOS and Android!

If you plan to visit Hamburg and Deutsche Bahn offers tickets for too high prices have a look at Sometimes these trains offer cheaper fares.


Visiting Cities by Plane

Of course you can also always use the plane to visit cities in Germany or its neighboring countries. With the airport of Dusseldorf (DUS) being nearby (only one train station from Duisburg Main Station) it is a very easy and fast option to fly to Berlin, Munich or other cities. To find your flights it is advisable to use Websites as Swoodoo, or Skyscanner, which compare the fares of many different airlines and show you that one with the lowest prices.

At (unfortunately only available in German) you are able to indicate from where to where and from when to when you would like to book a flight:



The Website will then provide you an overview of the cheapest options to go from Dusseldorf to Berlin:

TiE4 and work in a similar way. After choosing for one of the presented options you will be directed to the specific airline where you can immediately book your flight.

If you would like to travel even cheaper with Ryanair you need to start your trip at the airport of Cologne/Bonn.





Please notice: The airport of Dusseldorf Weeze is not the same airport and is located about 60 km away from Düsseldorf. It is not advisable to fly from or to that airport.


Visiting Cities with Remote Buses like Flixbus

Another option to travel from city to city if the use of remote buses, which become more and more popular in Germany. Although this way of traveling takes way more time than taking the train or plane, it is most of the time by far the cheapest option. Of course you can always carry luggage with you. A commonly known example for such a remote bus is Flixbus. On their Website you can look for trips and directly book them:








What to visit in which city?

Munich – The capital of Bavaria is definitely worth a visit. Although it is one of the largest cities in Germany it possesses large areas of nature, parks and gardens. Once you are in Munich don’t miss visiting the English Garden with its 900-acre park full of paths, brooks and ponds in which you can even swim. At the entrance there is also a man-made river in which people are surfing. Other place you will have to see is the Marienplatz with its historical buildings and the famous city hall. If you are interested in cars go visit the BMW museum, which offers you a detailed picture of the history of BMW and its cars. Of course there are also a lot of historical places and churches to see. To get a complete picture of the attractions that Munich has to offer visit



Hamburg – If you plan to visit Hamburg there are a lot of different places you definitely need to go. Being a port city the whole port area offers a lot of attractions, bars and restaurants. If you like you can view the city from the perspective of a ship. Or you take the Metro to “Landungsbrücken” from where you have a beautiful view over the whole port. If you manage to wake up early in the morning you may visit the fish market with its market criers offering freshly caught fish. Also St. Pauli as one of the most famous quarters in Hamburg is worth a visit. Especially in the evenings people are meeting at the Reeperbahn to drink beer (like Astra as the most famous beer for Hamburg) or to party. But take care, the red-light district is also located in that area of Hamburg.



Berlin – In the capital of Germany there is also a lot to see, especially if you are interested in (German) history, including the Second World War. Starting with the famous Brandenburg Gate, heading over to the building and the dome of the “Reichstag” and observing the last parts of the Berlin Wall, you can spend immense amounts of time in this city. If you like you can also participate in a boat cruise over the river “Spree”. In order to see the whole city at a glance you should go to the top of the “Television Tower”, which is located at the Alexanderplatz. You can combine your trip to the “Alex” with a short shopping tour since one of the most famous shopping centers is located directly over there.



Brussels – If you are fed up with German cities you can easily visit Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium. Next to all of the cities’ historical buildings and monuments the famous Atomium is definitely worth a visit, even if you are not an expert in the area of biology. The Atomium is a 102-meter-high steel and aluminum structure, which represents a molecule of iron magnified 165 million times. Visitors may enter the interior to visit a show about human life calles “Biogenium”.



Written by Jessica Wewer

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