Taking the Thalys-train to Paris / Brussels

Reaching Paris from Duisburg is easy and fast. Just jump on the Thalys-train at Duisburg Hauptbahnhof. The journey takes about 4 hours on this high-speed train travelling with up to 300 km/h.

For booking your tickets visit voyages-sncf.com  and simply fill in your details (departure/ arrival station and age) into the search mask. If you are on a budget it’s best to book the tickets in advance. Always check how much a first-class ticket is! It occurs a lot that it’s only a few Euros more expensive, sometimes even the same fare. First-class tickets give you much better options. These tickets can be changed and are refundable. The best thing is the food and beverage service though. It is included in your first-class ticket. A snack (e. g. salmon) and a variety of drinks including French wine and Belgian beers are served between Cologne and Paris. Don’t miss out on that especially if it’s just a few bucks cheaper.


Other stops along the way are Düsseldorf, Köln (Cologne), Aachen and Brussels. You will be arriving at Paris Gare du Nord which is the biggest train station in Europe. From there you have good transfer options to your accommodation.

Beware of strangers approaching you trying to sell you tickets or pretending to be part of the official staff! It’s a scam! Use the ticket machines or the ticket counters if you want to purchase metro or bus tickets. Best option is to buy un carnet which is 10 tickets at a discounted fare. Every ticket is valid for one ride from A to B including transfers. The Paris Metro is the best way to get around in Paris. Download an app for your cell which helps you navigate. The extensive Paris Metro network can be quite overwhelming.

Especially during rush hours the metro is overcrowded. Keep your belongings close! Metros run every 2 minutes during rush hours.

If you have any questions regarding your Paris trip feel free to contact me. I lived and studied in Paris for one semester and I know the city quite well.

Written by Tim Ludwigs

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